Balloon ride in la Garrotxa

During one and half hour professional experiences pilots will take you to enjoy the most beautiful sight of volcano in Iberian Peninsula, near Barcelona. Flying in a hot-air balloon over la Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park will be an unforgettable unique experience.


  • 1 copa of champagne each person during the ride in Garrotxa
  • Breakfast before balloon ride
  • Typical Catalan dinner after balloon ride

The all activity takes 5 hours, from having breakfast to finish dinner.


Santa Pau, la Garrotxa, Girona. (medieval village)


You can apply for the activity all year. It begins 7:00 am.


170 € / person

The balloon can be:

  • 6 persons
  • 8 persons
  • 10 persons
  • 12 person

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